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Prices, Terms and Conditions

Dear Customer

Thank you for your interest in my photography. I believe that my work can beautify any home, professional, hospitality or corporate environment. I look forward to providing a service and a fine art experience to you.

Purchases of my work can be made online from my store on Picfair ( ), or you can submit an order directly to me. When ordering directly from me, make your selection by viewing the albums on my website ( ), or by scrolling through my comprehensive gallery on Instagram ( ). Alternatively, I am happy to make recommendations to you, using email to communicate ( ).

If you would like recommendations, please specify which of these seven broad categories are of interest to you:

  1. Landscapes and seascapes – these are my main speciality.

  2. Landscapes with people – landscapes in which people engage with nature in some way

  3. Plants – trees, smaller plants, flowers

  4. Animals – mainly wild mammals and birds, but other creatures too, including domestic animals

  5. Semi-abstract and/or impressionistic – artistic photos that require a second look to work out the subject matter. Many involve water and reflections.

  6. Quirky and/or kitsch – mainly commercial sculptures, often humorous or strange

  7. Historical building and ruins – self-explanatory.

Terms and conditions

  1. When ordering directly from me, please specify:

    • which picture(s) you have selected (specify album and filename from my website, or date from Instagram)

    • what size(s) the print(s) should be (Note that low-resolution photos may not be available in the larger print sizes – I will advise you, as necessary.)

    • the type of paper (See descriptions of the papers, overleaf.)

    • whether they should be mounted on MDF board, or not, and

    • whether you would like your prints delivered by courier, or whether you will collect them yourself (collection will save you at least R350 on an order), from Wetink, Greenlyn Village, Menlo Park, Pretoria (phone 012 346 2012; website:

  2. Prices are according to standard print sizes (see below). Non-standard sizes can be specified, in which case the price will be set according to the next largest standard size.

  3. Orders, with full details (see above) must be submitted to me by email at I respect the privacy of all personal information and will not share it with anyone.

  4. I will email you a quotation on receipt of your order. You should accept the quotation in writing, by email.

  5. A 10% discount will be applied for orders of three or more prints.

  6. On receipt of your acceptance of the quotation, I will issue an invoice for the full amount. This invoice must be settled in full before I can place the order for printing.

  7. Prints are dispatched within 5 working days of receipt of payment, and mounted prints within 10 days.

  8. Original digital files are not included in a purchase. However, single-use licenses can be purchased through my Picfair store.

  9. All prints are produced in limited series and are delivered with numbered certificates of authenticity.

  10. I have a no-return, no-refund policy. Customers should remember that printed photos never look exactly the same as they appear on a computer monitor. The reason is that monitors produce radiant\glowing light whereas a print only reflects light. Your prints will look their best if well lit (but avoid direct sunlight because UV can cause fading). Also, colours may vary on individual computer monitors, therefore I am not responsible for the colour accuracy of prints and disclaim all liability in this regard.

  11. In the unlikely event of faults in printing or mounting, or damages incurred during delivery, these must be referred to Wetink (who work to the highest standards – contact details above). Wetink do the printing and arrange mounting and the courier service. (Unmounted prints are delivered rolled up in a cardboard tube. Mounted prints are delivered in protective wrapping.)

  12. Prints are done on acid-free, archival quality papers. They should last well and give you many years of enjoyment. (See below for more details. Alternative papers can be requested, but are subject to availability.)

  13. Unmounted prints will be supplied with a 15 mm blank border to facilitate framing.

  14. Mounted prints on MDF board can either be hung as is, or can be framed. If the intention is to frame,
    a 15-mm blank border should be allowed and specified in your order. If the intention is not to frame,
    I recommend using the semi-gloss paper which can be dusted more easily than matte, and I suggest that there be no border (it looks better). Mounted prints are equipped with a cord and are ready to hang.

  15. Please note that I do not offer a framing service, but I do recommend Wetink (contact details above) should you wish to get your unmounted or mounted prints framed. They offer a comprehensive framing service.



The prices below include VAT and packaging. The first price on each line is for print only; the second price is for the print mounted on MDF board, and the third price is for the courier delivery within RSA. (Delivery prices to countries other than South Africa will vary.)

Listed below are the prices for standard print sizes on recommended papers

(*Short side varies in length according to the dimensions of the original photograph.)

Price, unmounted; Price, mounted on MDF board; Courier delivery in RSA

A3 (long side approx. 420mm; short side varies*)

mounted on 3-mm MDF

Glacier semi-gloss 275 gsm

R900,00   R1 100,00   R350

Felix Schoeller True Fibre Matt 200 gsm

R900,00   R1 100,00   R350

Illford Fine Textured Silk 270 gsm

R1 000,00   R1 200,00   R350

Hahnemühle Museum Etching 350 gsm

R1 100,00   R1 300,00   R350

A2 (long side approx. 594mm; short side varies*)

mounted on 3-mm MDF

Glacier semi-gloss 275 gsm

R1 000,00   R1 300,00   R400

Felix Schoeller True Fibre Matt 200 gsm

R1 100,00   R1 400,00   R400

Illford Fine Textured Silk 270 gsm

R1 300,00   R1 600,00   R400

Hahnemühle Museum Etching 350 gsm

R1 400,00   R1 700,00   R400

A1 (long side approx. 841mm; short side varies*)

mounted on 6-mm MDF

Glacier semi-gloss 275 gsm

R1 300,00   R2 000,00  R500

Felix Schoeller True Fibre Matt 200 gsm

R1 300,00   R2 000,00   R500

Illford Fine Textured Silk 270 gsm

R1 800,00   R2 400,00   R500

Hahnemühle Museum Etching 350 gsm

R2 000,00   R2 600,00   R500

A0 (long side approx. 1189mm; short side varies*)

mounted on 6-mm MDF

Glacier semi-gloss 275 gsm

R1 600,00   R2 800,00   R550

Felix Schoeller True Fibre Matt 200 gsm

R1 700,00   R2 900,00   R550

Illford Fine Textured Silk 270 gsm

R2 800,00   R3 900,00   R550

Hahnemühle Museum Etching 350 gsm

R3 300,00   R4 400,00   R550


Notes on papers and mounts

  • All four papers are acid-free and of archival quality, with the Hahnemühle paper being the highest quality.

  • “gsm”stands for “grammes per square metre” and indicates the weight, density and thickness of the paper.

  • The Glacier semi-gloss paper should be selected if the print is to be displayed open (i.e. not behind glass). (This paper can also be used behind glass.) It is easier to dust off than the other papers which are all matte.

  • Of the three matte papers, the Felix Schoeller is the smoothest and the Hahnemühle the most textured.

  • High gloss papers are not recommended because they show dust and fingerprints badly, scratch easily, and are excessively reflective for this type of artwork. (Additional information on papers is available on the web.)

  • 3-m MDF board is not rigid enough for mounting the larger A1 and A0 prints, therefore 6-mm board is used for those sizes. Mounted prints can be hung as is, or can be framed (see above).




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