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James Adriaan Harrison


I was born in Cape Town, South Africa, in 1953 and lived there for 60 years. I have a home in Riebeek East, Eastern Cape province, and currently spend most of my time in Pretoria, Gauteng province. I am married and have two adult children. 

I am a professional zoologist in semi-retirement, and a published poet. Photography has become a serious pursuit which occupies a good deal of my time. My photographic work is showcased on this site and also on Instagram. My poetry is available in a series of small collections, entitled Austral Anomalies, on Amazon. (The collections also include photography.) My photographs are for sale in my store on Picfair, and also directly from me. (See links below and also the "Services" page on this website.)

Photography entered my life at about age six when I started assisting my father in his darkroom in our garage. He was a keen amateur photographer who was once placed second in a competition with a picture of me playing in a rockpool. I loved seeing my dad's images emerge on paper in trays of chemicals. I have taken photographs myself since age 17 when I got my first camera, but it is only since about 2010 that I have attempted to create images that go beyond mere record shots. I now try to bring the sensibility of poetry to my photographic images.

For a description of my photographic interests, check out the blog post "My Photographic Manifesto" on the blog page of this website.

Thank you for your interest!


Pretoria, February 2023

PS: Please feel free to communicate with me via the "Contact" page on this website.

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