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Anthroposcenery is scenery shaped by humans (humans are the "anthropo" part of the word). Given the dominance of humanity in the ecology of the earth, there is no shortage of anthroposcenery to be found and photographed.

What attracts me to this category of landscape is the almost alien effects that are often created by structures, excavations and plantings. These visual effects are sometimes quite disconcerting, but fascinating and strangely beautiful at the same time. This is the ambiguous feeling that I try to capture in my anthroposcenery photos.

In 2015 I held a solo exhibition on the theme of anthroposcenery at the EPSAC gallery, Port Elizabeth.

I attach eight photos on this theme. What feelings do they evoke in you?

See the Albums page of this website for an album with a larger selection of anthroposcenery.

Silage heap near Cradock, Eastern Cape.

Shade cloth and dam on a blueberry farm near George, Western Cape.

Water tanks on a hill in Namaqualand, Northern Cape.

Orchard under shade cloth, Langkloof, Western Cape.

Bales of hay near Ashton, Western Cape.

Railings on a bridge on the Gariep Dam, Free State.

Sociable Weaver nests on roadside poles, near Prieska, Northern Cape.

Ruined jetty on the waterfront, Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape.

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James Harrison
James Harrison

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